15 Free Games for Smartphones launched in 2022



Do you have a new mobile phone and you love games? Are you thinking about downloading new games? We have made a list with the most interesting and free games released in 2022, available on Google Play. If you want to try different things this is your best opportunity.

15 Free Games that have been released in 2022

The best thing about this list is that they are all new games and they have been released so far in 2022. This assures you that you will discover new adventures. If you are tired of the same games, take a look to these ones.

  1. Mimelet
  2. Golf Up
  3. Snaky Run
  4. CatLife: BitLife Cats
  5. Pocket Plans
  6. Pixel Hit
  7. Mini Golf RPG
  8. Island Crossing
  9. Mirage:Perfect Skyline
  10. ChocoboGP
  11. Quest Hunter
  12. Turmoil
  13. Cubi Code: Logic Puzzles
  14. Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense
  15. Ragnarok: The Lost Memories

It is recommended that you take a first look to all these free games for Android phones and download the most interesting for you.



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