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5 free apps to edit photos on your mobile phone



Whether it is to have a more attractive profile in your social networks, to improve your online business with good photos or as a hobby, it is possible to edit your images in a more advanced way from your cell phone.


Edit your photos with these 5 applications for Android and iOS


It is a great option to edit your smartphone pictures. It includes the standard tools to edit images and it has elegant filters. It also has a camera function, you can take the picture and directly edit it from the same app.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This app to edit photos is more professional. You will have basically all the functions of the Adobe Photoshop in your mobile phone. It has smart filters that will be activated with you upload the photo in the app. It is a free application but you will need to create an account to get the ID.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

It is similar to the previous app, allowing to edit photos in a more professional way. It supports RAW files, a higher quality format. It has limited functionalities but it is still a good option.



This application is easy to use and it is free. It has lots of functionalities and filters. You can also create your own filters. Take advantage of the essential functions as cut, adjust the main parameters, focus the background… It is perfect to edit product photos.


Scratch Photos

In this case, this application is very used to adjust the light. It allows to remove objects in the picture, for example, an object or a person who is in the background.


Have you used any of these applications before? Take a look to each one and decide what is best for your image edition.


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