5 games for smartphones to challenge your brain



Do you sometimes have free time and don’t know ‘what to do’? Today we will present you some options of video games that you can use on your free time, challenge your brain and gain mental agility with different dynamics: Crosswords, anagrams, sudokus…Choose the one that best suit your needs.

5 games you can use to challenge your mental agility


Only available for Android, it is a logic game that helps to exercise your mind, maintain your memory, improve accuracy and train your reflexes. In addition, it offers different puzzles with which to improve your skills and abilities. Available for iOS and Android phones.

Crush Words

This application is actually a compilation of various games with different activities that you can develop to distract yourself, improve your vocabulary, think quickly and exercise your memory. Word Crush will teach you new words and you will learn a little more about general culture.

Monument Valley

It is a game that ensures you exercise your mind to the fullest while experiencing a great adventure, since you will have to guide a princess through a path in which you will be able to manipulate its architecture. Available for iOS and Android phones.

Face up

In this game you will have to draw different drawings and figures to solve puzzles. It has multiple puzzles and you can invite your friends to compete with them to see who is the most agile. Available for iOS and Android phones.

The Logical Master 1

As its name says, this game is full of logic and will challenge you to answer unusual questions and puzzles that are presented in each level. All this, quickly and logically. Available for iOS and Android phones.

Which one will you use to challenge your brain? Have fun and train your mental skills with these free games!


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