Fix many Windows 11 problems with a few clicks



Operating systems, and more specifically Windows, make computing much easier for everyone, even for people who have little knowledge about it. As long as Windows doesn’t have any problems, any user will know how to defend himself and use practically everything that the Microsoft system offers. However, it can happen that errors occur (something quite common), and if that is your case, we bring you a program that is very simple and that will solve many of them.

Many of us have chosen to upgrade to Windows 11, the latest version of this operating system. The truth is that the new features are great and in general terms it works quite well. That does not mean that there are errors, but right now we don’t have so many tools available as if we had Windows 10. This one that we bring you today is designed for version 11, and once you try it you will not want to get rid of it.

Don’t miss LoveWindowsAgain

This tool we are referring to is called LoveWindowsAgain, and it is totally free open source software created by ThisIsWin11 and TweakUIX. This application comes to have a utility very similar to the Windows Troubleshooter, but, as we will see later, it also has some additional functions. It is important that you bear in mind that, although it is a totally safe application, Microsoft Defender may detect it as a Trojan, so we will have to deactivate it or authorize its use as an administrator.

This application is quite similar to others from the ThisIsWin group, so we can expect a very simple interface but loaded with features for users, both the most “novice” and experts. LoveWindowsAgain will do a scan of our computer in search of any type of error that may exist, and will give the user a series of ways to solve them, both automatically and manually.

It also has an advanced mode that will give us much more information about all the problems detected. This first version of LoveWindowsAgain is able to catch two dozen bugs, related to Chrome, to Windows 11 widgets or to Windows Explorer, for example. Everything that this application modifies or fixes is actually available in Windows, but thanks to it we can do everything with just a few clicks.

It also serves to install or delete applications

As we have said above, LoveWindowsAgain is capable of more things. Perhaps the one that stands out the most is a function that allows the user to install a number of apps from a list which includes the application itself. Most of these applications are from third parties, and in this list we are going to find some essential options for any user, such as Acrobat Reader.

The other option, which also includes Windows 11 of course, allows the user uninstall any application that is installed on the computer. The interface for this is also really simple, and will allow us to delete application by application, do it with a selection of them or even all the ones that we have installed if we wish. Without a doubt, a simple and free application that should not be missing from your Windows 11 computer.


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