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Checking the performance on a Windows 11 PC will help you to know to what extent the hardware components of your equipment are up to the task. But do you really know which are the best applications to do it? If you were looking for software specialized in this task, you have come to the right place. Discover with us the best tools to fully understand the power of your computer.

In the following article you will find a complete list of applications designed to monitor the performance on a Windows 11 PC. Most of the utilities we mention here can be downloaded completely free of charge. Once downloaded and installed, you’ll get all the information you need to know about your computer, its behavior when faced with heavy tasks and what hardware devices are installed inside it.

The best applications to know the performance of a Windows PC

Below we show you the different tools to check Windows 11 PC performance.

SiSoftware Sandra Lite

SiSoftware Sandra Lite is a complete suite that helps you diagnose your PC and evaluate its performance. With them you will be able to visualize all the data that has to do with your CPU, the chipset, the graphic card, the printers, the sound card, etc. It is compatible with old Windows versions. In fact, it is possible to run it from Windows 2000 onwards.

One of the key points of this software is an online database, which it uses as a reference to evaluate the performance of a Windows PC. And if what you want is to test your Internet connection, you should know that SiSoftware Sandra Lite is a good application to do so. In short, everything you need to know your team’s behavior by heart is in this application.


This CPU-Z we already dedicated it at the time a full article. Basically, because it is one of the reference tools when it comes to checking the performance and characteristics of the computer’s processor. It shows information related to the CPU, motherboard, RAM and much more. Additionally, it allows performing a performance test on each core of the processor.

Of course, you also have the possibility of know what the equipment is capable of in a multi-core mode. The results obtained from your tests can be compared with references found on the net or exported in a text file. Finally, you should know that it has several versions developed specifically for certain motherboard manufacturers.


If the previous proposal is a reference to know the performance of the CPU, this is it if we talk about graphics cards. Although its appearance is very similar, the truth is that the developer is not the same. With GPU-Z You will be able to know the capabilities of your GPU regardless of the brand, as it is compatible with most manufacturers. What is this utility capable of?

First of all, you can put the GPU to the test in an advanced way thanks to the long list of options it offers. It also offers information regarding the adapter, the GPU itself and the screen. It is even a good option to control aspects such as overclocking and other related parameters. You should know that if you want to use it on your computer, you won’t have to install it. Just run the file you download from your official page.


HWMonitor is a development belonging to the owners of CPU-Z. In this case, we are dealing with a tool to monitor the main sensors that reveal the Windows 11 PC performance. For example, it displays data related to voltages, temperatures, or fan speeds. There is nothing. In the same way, it also handles other more common data, such as statistics and CPU behavior.

This application is updated frequently. In fact, in its latest version it added support for 12th generation Intel Alder Lake processors, Z6xx platforms, DDR5 memory and AMD Radeon 6600XT GPU. It also monitors the activity of hard drives and the speed of reading and writing. Undoubtedly, a Swiss Army knife to be aware of everything that happens in your team.


Speccy is an application that provides detailed information about each of the components of the computer. Another of its functions is to monitor the temperatures of each of the devices to detect problems in advance.

All the information that Speccy is capable of displaying can be stored in snapshots or in a file in XML format. Thus, it is much easier to “take” all the PC data wherever it is necessary, to carry out comparisons or compatibility checks.

Real Bench

Asus, and specifically its division specializing in video games, ROG, is the company behind Real Bench. The tool they have created uses real open source applications to test system performance. Its developers warn that it is an application that tries to be a reference point to obtain performance statistics, not to force the computer’s hardware to the maximum.

This Asus utility has three tests that are run based on a benchmark. This makes it easier to put the results into context. Each of the exams you submit Real Bench to the computer squeezes parts of the computer’s subsystem. In this way, more complete results are achieved. Finally, the application offers the possibility of sharing the results with the RealBench forum to make comparisons.

Tools to know the performance of a Windows PC

The tools we have mentioned above are easy to use, mostly free and compatible with all recent versions of Windows. With them you will discover all aspects of your computer’s hardware and you will have the ability to perform test of performance to find out what your device is able of.

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