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How to increase the brightness on the computer



Although many users lose sight of it, the brightness setting of a computer is key. Not so much because of the impact that too low or high brightness can have on the eyes, but more than anything on laptops. The brightness of the computer screen can have a negative impact on battery management, reducing their autonomy. Check here how to increase the brightness on a Windows computer.

It is precisely from this that Microsoft, in its Windows operating systems, allows changing the brightness using different methods. We can personalize our experience according to the situations in just a few seconds.

How to increase the brightness on the computer

Although most current computers integrate adaptive brightness systems, which lower or raise it according to the circumstances, there will be times when you prefer to be the one to decide how much light the screen should emit. Let’s see what alternatives we have in that regard.

3 Ways to Adjust Brightness in Windows

From Power Options

The first and most common of the ways to change the brightness of a screen in Windows is Start. Clicking on that button you will be able to access a search engine, where you must write Energy Options. Then, enter that section and select one of the energy plans that are for you. You can then tweak the lighting in Display Brightness, where a convenient slider makes it possible to fine-tune the adaptive brightness, achieving exactly the ambience you want.

From Settings

Of course, we also have a Settings section that we should not lose sight of. From this part of Windows, which also runs from Start on the desktop, we can go to the System  options. Once inside, locate what refers to the screen and adjust brightness level. There are no big differences from the previous guide, as you can read.

From Notification Center

Finally, if you only want to make a general and not very detailed correction of the brightness of your PC’s screen, surely the best thing to do is to do it from the Notification Center.

At the same time, pressing the Windows key + A the Notification Center will open. Inside of it, at the bottom to be more exact, you have a brightness indicator that can move from 10% to 10% between 0% and 100%, allowing you to set a specific condition without having to go into the Settings of the operating environment as such, but from Home.


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