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Learn to sign PDF documents from your mobile



PDF documents have become a handy way to keep multiple files on hand, but there’s also a simple way to digitally sign them. Currently, many employment and educational companies request these files and here we will tell you how to manage them from your Android mobile.

Here we will show you a brief tutorial so that you can sign your documents on your Android mobile and use them for any type of procedure. So pay attention because in this note you will learn how to put your rubric from your smartphone.

You can digitally sign PDF documents using this tip

There is no problem if someone has sent you a document in PDF mode or as an image. If you have an Android mobile phone you will have the ease of accessing the services that Adobe offers you. It is important to clarify that the app that you will have to download in the Google PlayStore is Adobe Fill & Sign.

You’ll need to sign in with an account for this app, so you’ll need to create a profile using Apple, Facebook, or Google credentials, or a working email.

You will first need to add the signature by tapping the pen tip button at the top of the screen. Then select the Create Signature option, and then sign on the screen with your finger or a compatible pen and then click Done. Once you have saved this information, you will need to do the following to add the signature to the documents:

  • Tap the blue icon and select a form to fill out.
  • Choose to sign a PDF file, an image from the photo library, or take a photo.
  • You’ll need to grant storage or camera access when prompted, and then select the file or take a photo of the document.
  • With the document open, all you have to do is touch the button on the tip of the pen.
  • Select the created signature and finally place it on the document.


Hope this brief information it is useful for you to sign all the PDF documents you may need.


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