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Mobile games recently added to Netflix



Do you have a Netflix membership and still don’t take advantage of the mobile games you can access? In case you you don’t know yet, Netflix offers a catalogue of mobile games that subscribers can access to. Many users do not take advantage of this feature, but more games are becoming available.

Whether you’re in the mood for a casual game or you are looking for a more immersive experience, there’s a wide variety of mobile games to explore on Netflix. You can download the games directly from the Netflix mobile app. In order to find them, here you have the steps depening on your mobile operating system. For Android mobile users, you will see a row dedicated to games with a tab from which to select and download them. On iOS mobile devices, users will see a row dedicated to games from where they can select and download them.


4 titles recently added to Netfix Games

Dragon Up

Breed and collect dragons of all kinds and help them regain their magic in this beautifully animated idler adventure game. Discover the rewards, design and personality of each dragon to save the kingdom. Unlock more exotic areas and inhabitants to incrementally expand your kingdom. Upgrade your dragons and nests to generate more coins.

Collect dragon cards and magic potions to level up your favorite dragons and improve their abilities. The best way to make money is to eat it. At the end of the day, feed your pet dragon Billy gold and discover incredible treasures, unknown dragons and new nests. And don’t miss out on limited events, where you can get exotic dragons, more gems and potions to advance! The graphic style of Dragon Up It is inspired by the Scandinavian style and traditional fairy tale illustrations. Each dragon reflects the nest it came from, and most nests, in turn, reflect nature, which is a major theme in Scandinavian visual art.



By day, he runs a store in a dream town. At night, she explores dungeons, slays monsters, and unravels mysteries in this best-of-both-worlds adventure. Step into the shoes of Will, a brave merchant who secretly dreams of becoming a hero. But no hero should neglect his day job, so he controls the prices of your merchandise, you can even organize sales. Manages the gold reserve, hires assistants and works to improve the store.

Develop a good relationship with the rest of the village to generate new business opportunities. Forge weapons and armor and use your equipment to increase your abilities. But be careful, there are always rare characters willing to steal your most precious items. Will, the main characrer, has white hair as a tribute to the main character of the game “Bastion” by Supergiant Games.


Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt

This mobile version of the acclaimed strategy game will let you rule as you please. Although you should start with a small village, you will soon develop into a huge medieval metropolis with a multitude of inhabitants. A clear and colorful territory awaits you and the settlers, who need food, protection and fun! It is necessary to find a balance while controlling the elements, diseases, disasters, crimes and the budget.

Your architects and builders must plan and develop a city. Then the workers have to cut firewood and extract minerals. If your fields are fertile, you will be able to grow food for your hungry subjects. And don’t forget to collect taxes! The seasons will have an impact on the demand for certain things. More water will be needed in the summer and more clothing in the winter. You have to make all the decisions! The inhabitants of the village do not enter anywhere, they become invisible when they are in front of a door.


Exploding Kittens: The Game

From May 31st, this hilarious app from the creator of the hit board game Exploding Kittens  will be available. It is designed for individual games or up to five players. Play your cards and do everything in your power to dodge – or disable – the deadly cats. If not, the dynamite will explode! In this cat-powered game of chance, players draw cards until someone is dealt an exploding kitty.

And, to add an extra dose of madness, Netflix members will have access to two new exclusive cards that expand the dynamics of the game: one reveals the location of the exploding kitten closest to the top of the deck and the other reverses the order of the cards from the deck. Contains original art from The Oatmeal. In future versions of Explosive Kittens: The Game expansion cards inspired by the series that will premiere on Netflix in 2023 will be included, so you will have the opportunity to play with some of your favorite characters.

Don’t miss out on all these mobile games available with your Netflix subscription.

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5 games for smartphones to challenge your brain




Do you sometimes have free time and don’t know ‘what to do’? Today we will present you some options of video games that you can use on your free time, challenge your brain and gain mental agility with different dynamics: Crosswords, anagrams, sudokus…Choose the one that best suit your needs.

5 games you can use to challenge your mental agility


Only available for Android, it is a logic game that helps to exercise your mind, maintain your memory, improve accuracy and train your reflexes. In addition, it offers different puzzles with which to improve your skills and abilities. Available for iOS and Android phones.

Crush Words

This application is actually a compilation of various games with different activities that you can develop to distract yourself, improve your vocabulary, think quickly and exercise your memory. Word Crush will teach you new words and you will learn a little more about general culture.

Monument Valley

It is a game that ensures you exercise your mind to the fullest while experiencing a great adventure, since you will have to guide a princess through a path in which you will be able to manipulate its architecture. Available for iOS and Android phones.

Face up

In this game you will have to draw different drawings and figures to solve puzzles. It has multiple puzzles and you can invite your friends to compete with them to see who is the most agile. Available for iOS and Android phones.

The Logical Master 1

As its name says, this game is full of logic and will challenge you to answer unusual questions and puzzles that are presented in each level. All this, quickly and logically. Available for iOS and Android phones.

Which one will you use to challenge your brain? Have fun and train your mental skills with these free games!

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15 Free Games for Smartphones launched in 2022




Do you have a new mobile phone and you love games? Are you thinking about downloading new games? We have made a list with the most interesting and free games released in 2022, available on Google Play. If you want to try different things this is your best opportunity.

15 Free Games that have been released in 2022

The best thing about this list is that they are all new games and they have been released so far in 2022. This assures you that you will discover new adventures. If you are tired of the same games, take a look to these ones.

  1. Mimelet
  2. Golf Up
  3. Snaky Run
  4. CatLife: BitLife Cats
  5. Pocket Plans
  6. Pixel Hit
  7. Mini Golf RPG
  8. Island Crossing
  9. Mirage:Perfect Skyline
  10. ChocoboGP
  11. Quest Hunter
  12. Turmoil
  13. Cubi Code: Logic Puzzles
  14. Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense
  15. Ragnarok: The Lost Memories

It is recommended that you take a first look to all these free games for Android phones and download the most interesting for you.


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