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The app that helps you change your mobile if you have switched to a Xiaomi



Depending on the manufacturer, there are different applications that allow to move all the data to a new phone. It is something that you can do in all devices practically. Even with applications such as WhatsApp and its backup feature.

If you have switched recently to a Xiaomi phone, the manufacturer has also a dedicated app for this purpose called Mi Mover. It is a simple application that helps users to move all data to a new Xiaomi phone. We will tell you how to use it below.

You can move all the data from your old phone to a new Xiaomi

Mi Mover is very easy to use. You can transfer the data from your old Android mobile phone to a new Xiaomi. It is also useful to move data to Redmi and Poco mobile devices because it integrates MIUI system. This app is totally free.

All the files from your old phone can be transferred: images, messages, call history…All can be moved in a just a few steps. You have to download the app from Google Play and install it on both phones, the old one and the new one. After that, select the receiver and sender of the files in both devices. Using WiFi they will be connected. You can also choose the files to be moved.

As you can read, it is very easy to use it this app and the transfer is done quickly. It is convenient to keep the important files or information from old Android phones.



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