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WhatsApp Business: how to set up quick responses



We are always looking for new tips and tricks to make technology life easier. In this post you will learn how to configure quick responses in WhatsApp Business. This is a short and simple tutorial for  those who are starting in the world of WhatsApp for Businesses.

WhatsApp allows you to configure quick and personalized replies depending on the messages that a person receives, but it is only for the Business version.

For example, messages and replies can be set up when clients ask for some information. If this is the case, it is possible to configure a reply. Actually, only up to 50 quick replies can be associated with an account. You can include messages, photos, videos and even gifs.

How to set up quick responses on WhatsApp Business?

  • First we must open the WhatsApp Bussines application and then go to the Menu button.
  • Click on the company settings.
  • Select option Quickly answers.
  • Click on Add (+) to create the one you want.
  • Once you have it, confirm by tapping on Save.
  • When using the reply feature, the steps are very simple: open a chat, tap the message icon, and type /… to send a reply.
  • All the quick answers will be displayed and you will have to choose the one you want. Finally, edit the message or click on the icon Send.


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