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WhatsApp Web: How to make messages load faster?



WhatsApp Web can be an extremely useful, but it has the big drawback that it’s not always as fast as we’d like. However, in many cases it is possible to improve this by following a simple tutorial that could save time when using WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web was initially designed to be used in computer’s browser, but now it is also possible to use it on a tablet. It is a useful complement that helps you to have all your information synchronized, including both your messages and your sent and received files.

However, since the latest versions it has the inconvenience that it takes a long time to synchronize with your account when opening. Meta has noticed this situation, promising that it will fix it with an upcoming update, however for now we have a simple hack that could help you no longer have to wait forever to open WhatsApp Web and send that urgent message without problems.

Although it is a version for browsers, WhatsApp Web has to synchronize all your information with your smartphone account. For this reason, you can do this trick from your mobile device, deleting the information that you no longer use, and then we will tell you how you can do it.

How to make WhatsApp Web faster

  • Go to the Settings of your smartphone
  • Go to Applications and look for the WhatsApp icon
  • Different options will appear, click on Storage and cache
  • Tap Clear cache
  • Wait for unnecessary data to be removed from your smartphone
  • Enter WhatsApp Web again and notice the difference in loading times

This simple tutorial can make you regain your confidence in WhatsApp Web and start using it without much hassle. However, if you use the application constantly from your computer, there is also the alternative of downloading and installing the desktop version that is available on both Windows and Mac.


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