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With this trick you can customize the loading animation of your Xiaomi with MIUI 13



There are certain occasions when once we update the version of our mobile devices, some functionalities fall by the wayside. This is something common within the customization layers that different manufacturers incorporate into Android, as is precisely the case with Xiaomi and its periodic changes in certain configurations.

In fact, in this post we are going to tell you a trick in MIUI 12 directly from the terminal settings. But now we will have to customize it manually in order to achieve a different charging style compared to the one we have by default. Don’t worry, it’s not too complicated to do it.

How to change the charging animation of your Xiaomi phone in MIUI 13

As we tell you, the customization of the charging style that we have in our Xiaomi was relatively easy to modify in previous versions of MIUI since, directly from the mobile settings, we had an option where we could modify it without having to have extra applications installed or anything like that.

In this case, to be able to access it, it will be much more cumbersome, since we will have to use the Xiaomi theme application and download a compatible one that integrates different loading styles. We have chosen for this tutorial one of them called Hello White V12 but there are some others that you can search manually.

Once we have it downloaded, we will have to perform the following steps to be able to modify and customize the charging style of the phone:


  • Open the “Themes” app on your Xiaomi phone and, once you have downloaded the theme that we just mentioned, go to your profile section and select “Lock style”.
  • Within this screen, you must have the “Hello White V12” style applied and, at the bottom of the interface, click on “Personalization”.
  • Now, simply access the “Charging style” section and try the one you like best of all the styles you have available.



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